Inhalation devices

Schwarzer Precision develops pumps and compressors for various applications such as inhalation devices and anesthesia instruments.
inhalation devices

inhalation devices

Features of miniature vane pumps developed by Schwarzer Precision:
Several different types of inhalation devices are available. To be effective, an inhalation device must produce an aerosol of medication with a significant dose of particles in the so-called respirable range. Type of inhaler device appears to be associated with adherence to asthma controller inhaler devices in controlled environments where patients. inhalation device
Typical applications:
- portable gas detectors
- pipettes
- inhalation devices and other lab and medical appliances

The decision was made to implement the Schwarzer Precision maintenance-free vibrating diaphragm pumps , in particular the pumps SP 100 SA, SP 300 SA and SP 802 SA, which are known for their reliability and longevity.

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